Glueing things together is not messy and uncontrolled anymore!

  • Polyoxymethylene (POM) to PCB solder mask
  • POM — Polypropylene (PP)

Problem 1: The Surface Tension

  • The PCB solder mask has a surface tension ~50 mN/m, which is higher than the boundary. This means no plasma treatment of PCBs is required!
  • The POM has surface tension ~40 mN/m. In theory, this should work but since it’s very close to the boundary value we don’t want to risk it!
  • the PP has a surface tension ~30 mN/m, which definitely needs to be treated.

Problem 2: The Squeeze-out and misalignment

  • first, to mechanically compensate for the difference in expansion of the two materials when the environment temperature is changed
  • to ensure an even distribution of adhesive around the glueing surface so we can have it evenly sealed

The Solution

Automation of glueing operation

  1. pre-process the surface with plasma
  2. dispense glue
  3. put the PCB in place
  4. squeeze together for alignment and let cure
  1. Turn on plasma probe
  2. make a slow small circle across the glueing surface on POM cylinder
  3. switch plasma probe off
  4. apply tool offset (which is the displacement vector between the plasma probe and the syringe tip)
  5. Begin silicone extrusion and follow the pre-defined pattern (which was developed and tested on its own beforehand)





We are applying today’s knowledge to create systems for an open future.

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Institute IRNAS

Institute IRNAS

We are applying today’s knowledge to create systems for an open future.

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