• Finny Philip Biju

    Finny Philip Biju

    3rd year B.Tech ECE student at Govt. Model Engineering College. I like all domains of Engineering, makes music, loves photography and continue my exploration

  • B4Motion


    We are a Mobility Lab. We research, invest and build. Founded in 2015, we invest and build mobility solutions to observe and improve how major cities move.

  • Besma Guesmi

    Besma Guesmi

    Microelectronics & Embedded Systems Engineer | Specialist Computer Vision & Edge AI | Coach Kids’ Robotics

  • Rafaella Antoniou

    Rafaella Antoniou

    PhD student and EU Horizon-funded research assistant. I love to write about academia and life.

  • Maurits Kaptein

    Maurits Kaptein

    I am professor at Tilburg University working on bandits, causality, and Bayesian inference with various applications. I also care about AI & ML deployment.

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