ElephantEdge tracker: breakdown advanced IoT animal tracking solutions


  • First OpenCollar for Elephant successfully deployed in Liwonde National Park — Park Rangers in Liwonde National Park in Malawi are for the first time able to see elephant locations every fifteen minutes. This is possible due to new Smart Parks technology providing Rangers with GPS-locations four times an hour. With this information, elephants can be better protected. Read More
  • ‘Holy grail in rhino monitoring’ deployed in Liwonde National Park — Smart Parks and African Parks have successfully implanted the first GPS LoRaWAN™ enabled transmitters into the horns of two eastern black rhinos at Liwonde National Parks in Malawi. Read More
  • Successful deployment of OpenCollars on big grazers in Europe — Smart Parks and administrator PWN have successfully deployed OpenCollar tracker on Wisent and Scottish Highlanders in the Dutch National Park Zuid-Kennemerland, the first nature reserve in Europe that is equipped with a Smart Parks network. By using smart sensor technology, administrator PWN can now gather more information about the behaviour of large grazers. This knowledge helps with complicated management issues and contributes to a sustainable balance between nature, grazer, and recreation. Read More

Bluetooth communication and processing core nRF52840 by Nordic Semiconductor in uBlox NINA-B30x series modules

LoRaWAN + GPS +WiFi positioning with Semtech LR1110 transceiver and high-precision GPS positioning with uBlox ZOE-M8G

Wireless communication with Taoglas components and Lacuna.space connectivity

Sensors for monitoring, data storage with WesternDigital and on-device machine learning with Edge Impulse

Mechanics and power

Industrial applications beyond animal conservation




We are applying today’s knowledge to create systems for an open future.

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Institute IRNAS

Institute IRNAS

We are applying today’s knowledge to create systems for an open future.

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