Easy power profiling with Nordic Semiconductor’s Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2) and Python

Power consumption optimization is at the heart of IRNAS’ development of advanced applied IoT solutions. As such, we are always working actively to optimize our workflows and automate testing with continuous integration. Following our guiding principles and the active development of solutions, based on Nordic Semiconductor products, we were very excited to learn about the newly introduced Power Profiler Kit II (PPK2).

This new generation of a very useful tool enables our developers to have a power consumption analysis tool handy at all times. While the graphical interface through nRF Connect application is very nice, we also like to use equipment in fully automated workflows. Given the source of the beforementioned application is public, and the presence of the unofficial python api for the previous generation of the PPK, we have decided to create a similar solution ourselves.


The first alpha release of the solution is available today, implementing the basic features to control PPK2 and control it. You are invited to try it out and explore it, we are working actively to integrate this into the next generation of devops tools on our end.



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